Give Your Sprinklers a Break!

Posted on Jul 16, 2013

Amarillo, TX – This week is off to a pleasant start, weather wise. The cooler temperatures and rain mean that it is time to give your sprinklers a break. From the National Weather Service:

Wednesday – 78/62, chance of thunderstorms, winds SE 15 mph

Thursday – 86/64, mostly cloudy, winds S 10-15 mph

Friday – 89/65, partly cloudy, winds SW 15 mph

Saturday – 86/66, mostly cloudy, winds SW 5-10 mph

The sound of rain is music to the ears of the City of Amarillo’s Every Drop Counts water conservation team! That team sets a daily water consumption goal, which is 68 million gallons a day through the month of July. So far, the City has exceeded that number, except for July 4 and 5, when use dropped down to 47 million and 56.8 million gallons, respectively.  The highest usage so far this month was July 11, when water usage reached 84.5 million gallons.

With the rainfall, the Every Drop Counts water conservation team reminds everyone that in addition to saving water, this week will be a good opportunity to save money, too, simply by shutting off the sprinklers – you can also install a device that does the chore for you.

“Rain sensors are easy to install on most irrigation systems and will override your system to keep it from watering on rainy days,” says Director of Utilities Emmett Autrey. “Plus, they are not expensive, especially when looking at the big picture. Using our water wisely this week and all year long will help to ensure that our vital water supply will be here for future generations.”

The Every Drop Counts water conservation team also has a hotline you can call to report water wasters.  That number is 378-6826 or send an e-mail to For information on the daily water usage in Amarillo, visit

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