Weeds a Growing Concern as Summer Nears End

Posted on Sep 16, 2013

Amarillo, TX – The grass may be greener this year after much needed rains, but with those rains come grass and weeds that grow quickly. That is why the City of Amarillo’s Building Safety Department would like to remind citizens the importance of managing uncultivated vegetation –better known as grass and weeds. 

The Municipal Code requires property owners to keep all grass and weed areas shorter than 8 inches in height. The Department of Building Safety is responsible for ensuring all properties within the city of Amarillo are in compliance with these requirements.  The rules help reduce increased fire risk as vegetation dries out. Plus, uncultivated vegetation provides the perfect environment for disease carrying insects like mosquitoes to inhabit. Tall weeds also provide the ideal place for a variety of rodents.

To ensure our public health, safety and welfare, citizens are urged to maintain their property and keep it free of uncultivated vegetation.  Those who do not, risk receiving a notice of violation from the City.

If you should receive a notice of violation, please note that you are required to mow your area within 10 days of receiving the notice of violation. If you fail to do so, the City contracts to mow the property. You will be billed for the services provided in addition to an administrative fee.

To report tall grass or weeds in your neighborhood, visit the City of Amarillo online at amarillo.gov and from the “Quick Links” menu, select “Community Connection” and then “Make a Request.” From there, you can choose “Weed/Junk Issue” to report the problem. You may also call (806) 378-3041 for more information.

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