City to Begin Impounding Vehicles with Six or More Unpaid Parking Tickets

Posted on Oct 01, 2013

Amarillo, TX – License plate information for vehicles that have six or more unpaid parking citations will be made available to the automated license plate reader in the City of Amarillo’s Parking Enforcement vehicle. The automated license plate reader will immediately notify Parking Enforcement when a vehicle has six or more citations.

Amarillo Municipal Code dictates that a vehicle owner with six or more unpaid/unanswered citations is subject to having their vehicle impounded by the Amarillo Police Department. Beginning Tuesday October 15th, when a vehicle with six or more parking citations is detected, Parking Enforcement will notify the Amarillo Police Department. Police officers will verify the information and have the vehicle impounded.

The towing and subsequent impound costs are at the owner’s expense. The towing is authorized by city ordinance with an order issued by the City of Amarillo Municipal Court. The vehicle will be released to the owner when both impound costs and parking citations are paid or otherwise disposed of. 

You may view any outstanding parking citations online at: . This list is updated daily. Citations are listed alphabetically by the vehicle owner’s name and vehicle type. Owners can see the date and time of the violation, nature of the violation, and the amount of the fine. If you would like to dispose of any unpaid parking tickets, call (806)378-9342, or come to the Municipal Court at 201 S.E. 4th Street. Parking and traffic violations may be paid online at

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Sgt. Brent Barbee
Crime Prevention Unit

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