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Amarillo Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors

The AEDC promotes economic development in the City and manages the revenues from the one-half cent City sales tax earmarked for economic development purposes. With the money available, Amarillo is able to offer financial inducements, as well as sufficient staffing or specialized employment training for business and industrial recruitment efforts.

Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) Board of Directors: Administered by AEDC; five board members; meets as needed at 801 S. Fillmore, Suite 205.

The AEDC Board of Directors has decision-making authority related to all areas of the operation and administration of the corporation as follows:

Annual operating and capital budgets;
Financial and physical asset management;
Employment and oversight of appointed corporation Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer; Operating policies and procedures;
Contracts and associated legal agreements;
Lease, rental or financial obligation charges and payments;
Specific items or issues related to corporation policies, procedures and activities upon request by corporation clients or the public;
Specific policy and procedure directives or needs required by state law; and
Designation of project for economic assistance.
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